June 13, 2021

Specialty Services: Dog at Proposals, Engagements, Weddings and other Special Occasions:

Would your proposal, engagement, wedding or other special occasion be complete without your fur baby? Of course not, they’re family! Let us assist with adding to your special day with the presence of your doggo. What about for the proposal? Also an option!

Why Hire Us?

Asking a friend of family member to watch your pet during the main events such as the ceremony won’t allow them to fully participate in the special occasion. By hiring one of our associates, all your guests can focus on having a great time.

We can even help perfect your dog’s participation in the wedding service by including her in the Rehearsal or practicing the right pose for the perfect wedding photo.

What does a Dog Wedding Attendant actually do?

Basically, a pet wedding attendant is your doggo’s chaperone! We handle everything to do with your pooch on the special day.
This includes brushing & dressing your dog in any special bandanas or collars, transporting them to the venue, making time for potty breaks, helping your dog interact appropriately with guests, and assisting them with role in the wedding. We even help wrangle your dog for the photos! Once your pup has played their part or is tired out, we can take them back home or keep them overnight for boarding. This can include boarding for the honeymoon!

How do I find out more?

Fill out the contact form & a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a one-on-one phone consultation. We want to hear all about your special plans and what role you want your dog to play! We’ll also book a meet ‘n greet well in advance so you can meet a team member and so your doggo will be familiar with their attendant for the Big Day! You can rest adored that you’ve selected the best level of care for your pup while you’re busy making memories.

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